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According to Unwrapped Life, 552 million shampoo bottles could be ending up in the landfills and waterways every year. Many are not recycled.

The bars are long lasting and are a great way to streamline your routine and replace plastic heavy haircare products.

These high lather bars were formulated by me, a hairstylist, and hand pressed individually to create a unique shampooing experience. They are made from only active ingredients and contain no water, preservatives, or fillers.

They are a breeze to use! Starting with wet hair, I focus on working the bar gently in circular motions, mainly applying it to my hairline and scalp, then working the lather through my ends. A final thorough rinse and you're ready to apply your choice of conditioner.

These 2 ounce bars may last twice as long(probably longer!) as any typical 8 ounce bottle of shampoo with normal use and proper care. Most people find they use two shampoo bars for every one conditioner bar, as the conditioner seems to last longer for most folks.

Regular bar maintenance applies. Get the most out of your bar by keep it high and dry between uses.

Ingredients: sodium coco sulfate(cleansing, coconut derived), cocoa butter(conditioning), sodium cocoyl isethionate(cleansing), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(cleansing), coco betaine(lather and mild cleansing), coco glucose(mild cleansing), essential oil

This product doesn't contain SLS(sodium lauryl sulfate) though the ingredients sound strikingly similar, they molecularly are different.

The ingredients in these bars are gentle surfactants(cleansers) that break the bonds of dirt, excess oil, hair products, etc to help lift them from the hair and scalp to allow them to be easily rinsed away.